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If you have been aching to take to the wide open roads of Texas or have started planning a trip to Austin or the beaches of Corpus Christi, you’ll need an automobile driver’s license or a motorcycle license or endorsement. If you’ve been hoping to become a bus or truck driver, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Whichever is your goal, the first step is to pass a knowledge test for that type of operator’s license. (The knowledge test for a motorcycle license or endorsement may be taken at the DPS or as part of an approved motorcycle safety education course.) To prepare for the knowledge test, you should study the official operator’s manual and take our practice tests. The questions on our practice tests are based on the official DPS manuals and resemble those on the official knowledge test. Passing the practice tests will help prepare you to pass the knowledge test on the first try.

Everyone knows that black gold is the biggest export in the Lone Star State. Hauling oil in tanker trucks from the gulf to the panhandle is big business, but to get in on the action you’ll need a Texas commercial driver’s license (CDL). To get a 5-year license to drive commercially costs $61 until you turn 85 and they even have a stipulation for 2 year continuances after 85 at just $26. Whatever age you are, when you get your license you’ll need to take a skills test and a written test. These can be intimidating. The Class A test is 70 questions and some of the answers are pretty obscure. Even the 50 questions for the class B and C exams can be tough nuts to crack. Lucky for you, we have a practice tests that include questions just like the ones you will face and cheat sheets to make sure you pass the first time.

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Texas Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my TX Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the age requirement when applying for a license in Texas?

    The minimum age you must be in order to apply for a permit in Texas is 15.
  • Are there any documents I need to take with me when I go to apply for my Texas license?

    Yes. If it is your first time applying for a license in the Lone Star state, you will need to make certain to have:
    • Documents that verify your identity. Find a list of acceptable documents at
    • Documents that show lawful US citizenship
    • Proof of Social Security Number
    • Proof of Texas residence
    • Completed driver’s license application (can be obtained online or at the DPS office)
    • Proof of adult drivers education if between 18 and 24
    • Verification of School Attendance ( if under 18)
    • Proof of drivers education or parent-taught drivers education if under 18
  • How do I become eligible for a learner’s permit in Texas?

    Eligibility for a learner’s permit in Texas is simple. Just…..
    • Be at least 15 years old
    • Provide proof of Identification and lawful US citizenship
    • Show proof of residence
    • Pass the written and vision tests
    • Show proof of adult driver’s education (if between 18 and 24)
    • Show verification of school attendance.
    • Show proof of driver’s education or parent-taught driver’s education if under 18
  • Where do I go when I’m ready to apply for my license in Texas?

    Driver’s licenses are issued at local Texas DPS offices. Find any location by city or county at
  • How can I contact a Texas DPS office?

    You can contact Texas DPS offices any time.
    The number to customer service is 512-424-2600.
    You can also find a local office near you at
  • Who should bring me for my Texas permit test?

    If you are under 18, you will need to have a parental authorization signature. Contact a DPS office directly for other options if your legal guardian is unable to bring you.
  • Should I get a physical when getting a license in Texas?

    No need to worry about a physical. You won’t have to take it when getting a license in Texas.
  • Do I need a vision test before obtaining a license in Texas?

    Yes. You will take your eye exam when you go in for your permit. The DPS office will take care of that.
  • Where can I get a driver’s license photo at in Texas?

    Once you have passed your exam, you will have your photo taken for your license.
  • How do I apply for my Texas driver’s license?

    Here is how you apply for your license in Texas.
    • First, you must be at least 15 years old.
    • Second, you must have a driver’s education certificate or Parental Drivers Education Affidavit (if you went through a parent- taught course).
    • Next, gather your required identification documents and school enrollment form (if under 18)
    • Afterwards, pass your vision and written tests.
    • Finally, receive your learner’s permit.
  • What’s next after applying for my Texas driver’s license?

    Once you receive your learner’s permit, you are required to wait at least 6 months before moving forward with getting your license. During this period, you must practice driving. You must either practice through a state approved parent-taught course or through a basic state approved program.
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Here’s What Other Learners from Texas Are Saying:

"I briefly read through a few chapters in the manual with little interest. I practiced on this site with more attention for 4 to 5 days and then went for the test at DPS for the first time ever. I got 96%. This site really helped."

Oyesola Oluseye O., Houston, TX

"I practiced for my permit test by using this site for two weeks. I only went through the handbook once or twice. I made sure I studied all the tests till I was very confident. I had my test today and I passed. I failed just one question. Now a note of warning. Make sure you have a full knowledge of what is in the handbook and not just memorizing the answers, because the real test are drafted quite differently and can be a little confusing. Don't neglect the fines and limits, a few questions were from there. I fully recommend this site. Good luck!"

Rachel O., San Antonio, TX

"Wow! I read the Handbook, but thank God I took practice tests on this site, it helped me put everything I read into the right perspective. I took the test today, and I passed; I missed 3 questions though. Thank you so much for making this resources available. You guys rock!"

Tosin O., Dallas, Texas

"I used this site for 2 weeks and I went to take my permit test. I passed it the first time and it only took me 12 minutes. This site really helps!"

Jazz J., Austin, Texas

"This site was awesome prep for the permit test :) I passed with flying colors and started driving soon after. The real thing is set up just like the practice tests on here but the actual test is easier. Good luck everyone, and if you pass these tests, you will almost certainly be driving in no time."

Keya G., Fort Worth, TX

"BEST SITE EVER. I'm doing the "parent-taught" drivers ed and I studied 0% for the permit test. Ended up failing with a 68%. Then I found this website! I completed all the practice tests once, repeated a few, and understood why I got every single question wrong through the help of this website. Did this in a week (probably only really studied for 3 days), came back to retake the permit test, and scored an 83%! The questions I missed were confused with a one way sign, turn signal signs, and 2 of those where you have to memorize the number of days. But everything else I was COMPLETELY PREPARED FOR thanks to these tests. Thanks so much! Def gonna come back when it's time to take my drivers license test. (I'll give myself more than a week to study for it though) 25/30 4 lyf"

Riding Dirty, TX

"I passed my permit test and thanks to this website!! I waited a long time to take the test but when I finally decided to take it, I came cross this website and I'm so happy that I did. This site has helped me so much! All the practice tests really helped me study and gave me an idea what the real test will look like (and trust me, it's the same format, similar questions/almost the same questions in the same from the practice tests). I took all the practice tests more than once and I took notes. I recommend that you first read the handbook and use the book while taking the practice test. I got a score of 90 and I only missed 3 questions. Just FYI: when you take the real test it will tell you if you got the question right or wrong. I highly recommend this website for anyone who wants to pass the permit test. I repeat..I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE!"

Mirta O., TX

"I briefly read through a few chapters in the manual with little interest. I practiced on this site with more attention for 4 to 5 days and I went for the test at DPS for the first time ever. I got 96%. I scheduled my road test for the following week and I passed. This site really helped."

Oluseye Oyesola, Texas

"Don't work in the hazmat industry, but eligible to retire from my current company at age 55, start drawing my retirement and bank it, and start up with a new company. I already had doubles/triples, passenger, tanker and wanted to add hazmat to my license yesterday. I honestly only spent about four hours studying on your site, spread out over the weekend. I did the tests over and over until I seldom missed a single question. I read through the Hazmat manual once. Brought my laptop with me to the DMV and took the tests once more in the parking lot so it would be fresh on my mind. I was really crowding closing time and the girl behind the counter told me I had only 15 minutes to take the test. I finished in eleven minutes and only missed two questions. Probably could have done better but I felt the pressure of time, and was so confident as I was going along, I didn't sweat missing a handful of questions as I knew I would get eno ugh to pass. This site is a great tool for passing the tests! Thank you."

Kent M., Texas

"I am so very thankful for this site it helped so very much. I took my test today and passed it with an 80. When I first took my Permit test I was not prepared, I failed with a 50. So today I WENT TO RETAKE IT AND PASSED!!!! I am still so so so so happy. This website helped ALOT."

Simone Lewis, Texas

"Man. This website really helps. Spent couple of days studying for my written test and guess what? Passed with flying colors thanks to the developers of this website. God bless."

Zeeshan Gayyum, Texas

"It was really helpful. I used this website for 2 weeks and even the morning be4 the test and I made it...thanks a lot"

Lee Wilie, TX

"Wow, I took the Texas Driver's Practice Exam and got a perfect score! 100% and I didn't study the Texas Handbook. I wouldn't recommend taking the test WITHOUT studying though. This Website is the #BESTEVER"

Zachary Parsley, TX

"I took all of these practice test a few times, over the course of 5 days, and I only missed 4 in my permit test! Everything in these practice test taught me, got me prepared, and got me the permit. Thanks!"

Josh T, TX

"The website is really good and even if you don't study the handbook u will surely pass. Basically on fines and road signs, for example speed limit during the day, hand signal, what to do on a multi-lane road etc, 30 obj questions will be asked. The test is pretty easy so no need to stress out, just relax."

Sheyllah O, TX

"This is the best ever online resource for the learner's permit test. I practiced just 2 days and did all the practice tests once and I made it in first attempt in just 15 minutes. Thanks a lot."

Saju Chacko, Texas

"Practised these questions 20mins today before going for the test, I passed! Thanks a million guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Bibi, Texas

"I took the practice tests twice and was able to clear the test in 1st attempt.. thanks!"

Sumi Kris, TX

"I passed the test finally…. Thanks to this website it really helped me a lot and I too highly recommend this site for those who wanna pass the test."

Suhana Singh, Texas

"Today I just passed my test in first attempt and that’s only bcoz of this site it’s a great site really awesome and it really worked, thank u!"

Saima Saleem, Texas

"I took my Class M today, and missed only one. This won't help you with some of the "Based on this picture, what should you do" questions, but every single regular text question was from these practice tests. I wouldn't have passed the quirky questions without drilling through these first. Good luck!"

Wonky Tonk, Texas
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